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Shahin Mammadov

Shahin Idris oglu Mammadov

I, Mammadov Shahin Idris  oglu was  born on  25th November 1958 in Pirjahan village of Lachin region, in an  educated family. After  accomplishing  my secondary education  in secondary school of  Pirjahan village  of Lachin region in 1976, in the  same  year I entered  the  Azerbaijan Engineering-Construction Institute  and in the year of 1981 obtained  construction engineer profession  on the  field of Industry and  Civil Construction. 

After  completion of  high education, with  assignment I started my labor activity in Sumgait Chemical ndustry Production Union  named after Mashadi Azizbayov. In this enterprise I  had been on position of Chief  architecture of  the Production Union, secretary  of fledged district Komsomol Committee of  Union, head of construction department, head  of  material-procurement department.   

In  my youth I had actively engaged  in  Komsomol. I was  secretary of  Komsomol committee of secondary school, secretary of Komsomol  committee of Construction faculty of  Azerbaijan Engineering-Construction Institute, during  military service in  Soviet Army in Brejnev city  I was the secretary  of fledged district Komsomol Committee of  military unit, as well as the secretary  of fledged district Komsomol Committee of  Sumgait Chemical Industry Production Union.    

I was  head and  initiator  of  first “ Youth Residential Complex”  constructed for the  first  time  in Azerbaijan and which was among  the  first ones  in USSR.

During 22.11.1988- 06. 06.1990 years I was  the engineer  of  II rank in Absheron TechnicalInventory Bureau under  the  Ministry  of Housing and Utilities  in Baku. 

Since 1990-cı I  have  been engaging in entrepreneurship. During 1990-1993 I was the  director  of Qartal Company  under Azerbaijan Association in Baku, since 25.09.1993 up today I am the  Director of  Qartal Construction Company, that  is belonging  to me  – 100%  property  of Shahin Mammadov.

Under  my direction Qartal Construction Company  implements  very important projects for Azerbaijan nation and  government. Qartal Construction Company is  one of  the  leading  companies  in Azerbaijan market in construction of telecommunication and  military units. Our company  is  the  partner of the leading world and European telecommunication companies. Qartal Construction Company possesses international, as well as ISO 9001:2008 Quality  Management Certificates. Company  has  also  the  appropriate  licenses for construction and designing activities provided by the  executive  bodies  of  the Republic  of Azerbaijan.

I  had  been awarded  the  following  awards:

  1. I was awarded  with Honorary  Diploma  for  my  contributions  in  social and economic  development of Sumgait city, as  per Order  of  the  President  of  the Republic  of Azerbaijan dated  to 04th October 2016.
  1. I was awarded  with Honorary  Diploma  of  Central Committee of USSR, All-Union Lenin Communist Youth Union.
  1. My name was  included  in honorary book of  Brejnev city, nowadays Russian Federation Naberejni Cheln city.
  1. I was awarded with Prize of European Quality.